Quality and productivity: on these topics Agrobrain focussed since the beginning.
Swiss Enterprises were challenged since decades through the economic situation with high labour costs. This was one of the driving parameters forcing Swiss companies to choosing high quality products and services as their USP and making enormous progress in increasing their own productivity, independently of the industrial sector.
The founders of Agrobrain gained many years of business and project management experience within the Agribusiness sector in Switzerland and Eastern Europe. The projects focused often the Supply Chains with the aim, to manufacture products of high quality and to reach a high productivity at acceptable risks. Our clients are processors, service providers and investors in the Agribusiness.
With the introduction of Lean Manufacturing also in the Agribusiness and the food production, Agrobrain has started the distribution of SESA SYSTEMS in Switzerland. With this, Agrobrain extended its clientele and is now servicing also other industrial sectors.
Together with the Austrian company Intact, Agrobrain started more than 15 years ago to develop the Swiss market for Integrity Management Solutions.
Additional representations have been introduced always with the aim, to support our clients efforts for better quality and efficient processes.